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Classic Routes in San Diego County

If you're in Southern California, or planning a trip there soon, ensure you enjoy a sampling of the best roads in San Diego County. Email Sean for info with your planned dates and objectives, and we will do our best to recommend a route that fits your plans. Photos from a few recent bike trips (albeit far outside of SD County!) featured below:

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Roads of San Diego County

If new to the area, or want to venture out on your own, the following is an MS Word document listing some of my favorite day rides around San Diego County:

  1. cool rides (MS Word document)

Roadtrip Record Keeping

It's important to be fully prepared each time you venture more than a few miles from home. My roadtrip checklist gives me the confidence that I'm not forgetting essentials. And, if you enjoy keeping track of data from your touring exploits, such as avg mileage, distance traveled, saddle time, etc, you should find the following MS Excel attachment useful. Make a copy and modify to suit your needs:

  1. roadtrip checklist (MS Word document)

  1. trip record (MS Excel document)

Vehicle Service History

Whether for re-sale purposes down the road, or for your own ongoing maintenance schedule, it pays to keep track of the service history of your Ducati (now when did I last change that filter??). Feel free to use the following MS Excel file and modify to your needs:

  1. vehicle service record (MS Excel document)