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Multistrada TourLiner - end view

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TourLiner bags are available for the 10/1100 or 1200 model Multistrada at just $119.95 plus shipping for a pair, or $134.95 plus shipping including the 'optional zippered pockets' feature described below-right. Accepted payment method is a PayPal account - your transaction is processed quickly and securely.
In Stock = 10/11MTS (0); MTS12 model (0)

To place an order for your TourLiner, please click the 'add to cart' button below corresponding to your model and choice of option; for non-US orders, please also add $9 for additional shipping. Follow the PayPal instructions and we'll send a pair out to you!


1100MTS Standard

1200MTS Standard

+ Pockets $15


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QUESTIONS? If you have any questions on fit, accessories, etc for the 58 litre version TourLiner for the new 1200 Multistrada, please click on the above photo to send us a note.

1200MTS TourLiners Available !

The MTS1200 TourLiner saddlebag liners are designed to contour the 58 litre DUCATI hard bags, and provide a virtually waterproof home for your belongings while touring.

MTS1200 Tourliner

What is the TourLiner ?

The TourLiner is a custom-fit liner bag designed specifically to fit inside each hardbag of your DUCATI Multistrada. Construction is contoured to the saddlebag interior dimensions, and its' design emphasis is on maximizing the available packing space within your stock saddlebag, using materials which help keep added weight to a minimum and put functionality first.

The Easy Solution:

A TourLiner is the easy way to pack for your road trip - leave your saddlebags where they belong, and pack up conveniently where your stuff is before you ride - inside your house! While your stock hardbags function great attached to the bike, they are awkward to carry, and in our experience necessitate multiple trips back and forth to the house/motel room, etc. With the shoulder strap incorporated in the TourLiner, you can easily carry the contents of both saddlebags, your tank bag and helmet all in one trip. It also helps you avoid scuffs and scratches on the painted surface of your saddlebags since they are not banging into doors and walls, or getting kicked around on the floor.
It can also double as a helmet bag , carried conveniently over one shoulder while you take in that event or shop.

1200MTS bag installed

Once you try it, you won't know how you toured without it!
You can order quickly and easily using the PayPal link at left.

Standard Features:

Each TourLiner bag is made of tough 600 denier cordura fabric, backed by a poly sealing coat, providing a secure and virtually waterproof place for your roadtrip packing. The outside dimension of each liner is contoured to fit as precisely as possible. The zipper is offset toward the outside edge, allowing access to contents even when mounted; a grab handle is positioned on top, but a shoulder strap is provided to keep your hands free for other things. Zippers feature a pull to allow more easy access with gloves on. And an ID holder on one end helps identify your bag.

CONVENIENCE ELEMENTS - dual zipper sliders are used so the liner can be opened/closed at either end or even in the middle. Also, to make orientation of each liner in your saddlebags much easier, a white color-coded zipper pull has been added to the right bag.
TourLiner ID holder TourLiner soft handle TourLiner zipper pull

Optional Features:

For greater functionality, an optional version of the TourLiner bags is available at an additional $15. While the standard bags serve the primary function of containing your travel items, some have requested additional pocket and padding elements. An external pocket on the outside of each TourLiner bag is included for quick access to smaller items which may be needed more frequently without opening the liner itself (wallet, keys, etc). A red zipper is pictured, but color may be black depending on supply.
Note, the foam padding in the base option is DISCONTINUED.

external pocket foam liner bottom
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