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HM HyperPouch

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The HyperPouch is no longer available for the DUCATI Hypermotard

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What is the HM HyperPouch ?

The original HyperPouch is a custom-fit storage bag designed specifically to fit inside the left side upper fairing of your DUCATI Hypermotard. Construction is contoured to the interior fairing dimensions, and its' design emphasis is on accessibility while keeping the contents safe from falling out or allowing water intrusion.
NOTE: the HyperPouch is currently out of stock.

The Easy Solution:

The HyperPouch makes it easy to pack in just a few more tools or spare items you need to have with you for your road ride. While your stock toolbag holds very little, a HyperPouch offers the best alternative, without altering your bike's external appearance.
It provides a convenient location for items such as:

  1. first aid kit
  2. extra map
  3. spare fuses and bulbs
  4. glove liners / neck warmer
  5. protein bar(s)
  6. tools
  7. tie-down straps / bungees
  8. shop rag

Ducati Hypermotoard

Nothing Else Like it Available!
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Key Features:

Each HyperPouch bag is made of tough 600 denier cordura fabric, backed by a waterproof poly sealing coat, providing a secure place for your stuff. The outside dimension of each bag is contoured to fit the fairing space as snugly as possible, and incorporates a fastener to keep it in place. The zipper is positioned toward the upper outside edge, and is wide enough to allow access to contents even when mounted.

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